Active Aging

Active Aging

We have a great range of activities for adults aged over 40 to enable them to improve physically and mentally. The benefits of ‘Active Aging’ are very well known and everyone can participate in one way or another.

First of all we can offer a fully supportive gym facility with experienced, friendly, qualified staff who can advise and support you as you start or remain active. When you visit our gym, you will feel relaxed and confident that you can increase mobility and strength in a safe environment.

We will also say regardless of your age, your ability, your current fitness levels, and even the cost, have you thought about having a 1:1 gym based training training session (PT)? A 45 minute session for example can cost as little as only £8.33! Find out more here..

Our low impact activities include

  • PILATES: Mondays 10.45am, Wednesdays 5.30pm & Thursdays
  • STRENGTH & BALANCE: Tuesdays 10.15am
  • BOXACTIVE: Wednesdays 11.30am

Classes are only £3.50pp (£2.50 for gym members)

Visit our classes page to reserve your place, or feel free to pop in and speak to a member of our team, give us a ring (0191) 2500 166 or drop us an email for further details.