Active older people

Active older adults

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) published a report which simply confirms the myth that as you get older you should relax and take it easy!

The report ‘Focus on physical activity can help avoid unnecessary social care‘ was co-written by six authors and the recomendations from the BMJ are music to our ears, and we hope they will be for older people too.

In May we launch our #BigLotteryFunded project ‘Tyneside Healthy Lives’ which will focus on falls prevention and helping address sedentary behaviour in the older adults. Now by ‘older’ we actually mean anyone aged over 45!

Why 45?

According to one of the authours, Kenny Butler, the health and wellbeing lead, he stated

The common decline in fitness that occurs with age is different, starting around 30 years of age and accelerating more rapidly after age 45.

Evidence is growing that being active improves cognitive ability and reduces the risk of dementia, not only in midlife but also in the 70s and 80s. The physical, mental, and social benefits of exercise can enable people to live more independently and have a better quality of life all round. Read the BMJ report in full here: BMJ-Focus-on-physical-activity_October20170

Why QFit?

Our gym based in the John Willie Sam’s Centre on Market St in Dudley, North Tyneside NE23 7HS is more than just a gym, it really is a community. We have customers who have tried other gyms and found they were not for them, for a variety of reasons however the one big bonus we have is that they feel it is a friendly gym, for people of all ages who want to simply be more active, have a chat, have a laugh and walk out feeling refreshed and happy. We do also cater for those who have more specific goals, whether it’s to tone up, loose weight, get rid of the mummy tummy, bingo wings, train for the great north run, or even just being able to pick the grandchild up without backache!

Dancing does you good!

The Age UK ‘Understanding Society’ survey data reveals that a massive 1 in 10 of the over 65s in the UK are already dancing and attending dance classes. The majority are women, many of them divorcees and widows. There are so many benefits – social, emotional, physical and dancing and other forms of physical activity also help to keep the brain healthy as well as the body as we age.

It’s never too late to become active, or to improve your strength, balance and coordination, if you don’t want to dance, we can provide you with a very simply structured exercise card that will ensure you get the most out of your visit to our gym in a safe controlled environment.

How can we help you?

As well as a range or cardio and resistence machines we also offer activities such as:

  • Falls prevention, Strength & Balance classes – low impact
  • Stretch & Flex – low-medium impact
  • Zumba – High Impact
  • BoxerFit – High intensity

How to book

Please select the correct START TIME for the class you wish to attend, ie S&F starts at 1015 on a Wednesday & 1815 on a Thursday, or Zumba starts at 1745 on a Wednesday.