BLOG: Lose Weight

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Published by: Dave

As we start our first major ‘Weight Loss Challenge’ we will be putting together some staff ‘Blogs’ to help you. First of all let’s just clarify that our QFit 68 Challenge is designed to not only help anyone lose 8lb in six weeks, but to put you on a pathway to ensure the weight loss is achievable and more importantly sustainable!

Setting targets

Ok, so by this I refer to achieveable targets, it is not about hitting the scales every day, it’s more about setting targets that may not at first be very visable, but can make you feel great!, targets such as;

  • Does that top fit now?
  • Can I move my belt along one hole
  • Do I need to take a deep breath before tying my laces

You see our view around this is that we want everyone to be able to sustain weight loss, so we would never recommend any particular diet, and certainly never advise you to go on a crash diet or to skip meals.

Food is NOT fuel

The basic mantra is that to lose weight ‘You need to burn more calories than you eat’ So let’s be clear, that’s not exactly a myth, but it’s not the full story and what we should be saying is that ‘Food is not just fuel’, because food is so much more. And yes you will get energy / calories from carbs, fats & proteins which are found in food, but you also get minerals, vitamins and nutrients which do not provide energy or ‘fuel’. These are all important because they are part of the building blocks required to ensure you can exercise, get fit, lose weight and and basically just live a more healthy lifestyle.

We see diet fads, crash diets, fasting, low carbs diets etc, and we would always issue a word of caution on these especially when exercising as part of a weight loss regime. So, eat the foods you like! our advice and guidance will be to simply help you understand how to balance your meals effectively from food types, the preperation, cooking and portions.

If you eat right, and believe me this will take some effort and will power! but you will find that Commitment Can Create Consistency! and by that I simply mean can help you develop good habits.

Don’t be fooled by what you read or hear either, snacking is not bad, it just simply depends on what you are snacking on and when and even why! We can snack when we are bored, when we are depressed and obviously when we feel hungry, so maybe by identifying these ‘triggers’ we can help you understand how to change your habits in just a small way to help you?

Carbs make you fat

Carbohydrates are a vital part of a healthy, balanced diet and when eaten in the right quantities and ways, they can actually help with weight loss, by helping to keep you full and as such avoid high fat and sugar snacks.

When trying to lose weight, it can help to try and have more wholegrain carbohydrates, like wholemeal bread, pasta and rice, as well as cereals. It’s best to also keep skins on any potatoes you eat as this will help increase the amount of fibre in your diet – a vital nutrient for a healthy, balanced diet.

The takeaway

If you currently enjoy one, then I would even advocate enjoying the treat of a takeaway once a week, and that is because of two reasons, losing weight does not have to be a punishment, and secondly they can be nice!

Now that being said you will consume a lot of calories, but you can reduce these for example;


  • Get boiled rice instead of fried
  • Avoid ‘Battered’ or ‘Crispy’ as these are deep fried
  • Avoid special or egg-fried rice
  • Steamed or stir fired dishes are good options
  • Opt for Garlic, Black Bean and Szechuan sauces


To reduce the amount of fat in your meal, choose dishes with tomato-based sauces, such as jalfrezi and madras, or tandoori-cooked meat, plain rice or chapatti.

Fish & Chips

Just eat them, they taste great and it’s a treat after all, if you can bear it, avoid salt n vinegar!


Doner – just say NO, maybe try a Shish instead, but ideally no, no, no.

Smashing the gym

Now, remember what I said earlier about sustainabilty! If you basically smash the gym during the six weeks for example, you will lose weight, however can you realistically keep to that level of exerecise and time commitment?

Our plan is to ensure you can sustain weight loss, and to do that we will be there to help you get started, push you through those hard moments but eventually ensure you are making the right choices to be more active and these small but effective changes become part of your lifestyle rather than a chore.

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