BLOG: Simple nutrition

Qfit Staff Blog

Published by: Ehrin

Everywhere we go there are new ways on how to lose weight. The issue is what do we determine as weight? Because if its weight you need to drop just go to the toilet or sweat the liquid out of you. If its fat you want to lose then you’ll need to exercise and eat right.

Unless you are a professional athlete who has a fully qualified nutritionist, we shouldn’t need to follow any specific meal plans and 9 times out of 10 the meal plan you buy off a personal trainer will be their boring “Super Healthy” meal plan.

The aim of the diets that we will deliver are to help you hit your goal without using such words as “Sins” or “Zero pointed foods”.

“There is no such thing as a bad food but instead a bad diet.”

So instead of telling clients to eat a specific type of food we would rather collect just a couple of measurements and determine the BMR (Basel Metabolic Rate) a lot of people just work this out and are left with only 800 calories to consume per day regardless of their activities. So, we have created a calorie calculator which will work out your BMR and TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure).

  • To keep this all simple if you burn 2000 calories(energy) a day you would need 2000 calories worth of foods and drinks to maintain yourself.
  • If you wanted to burn some fat, you’d reduce it by maybe 500 calories for example. So, you would essentially be consuming 1500 calories a day leaving your body to burn the fat within to make up that extra 500 calories that you’ve neglected. This is referred to as a calorie deficit.

To make up foods we have things called macronutrients which are known as Carbohydrates which provides energy for the body, Fats are consumed to maintain the normal structure of cells in the body and then we have Protein that provides amino acids, some of which we can’t make ourselves and so need to get from our diet and needed for normal growth and maintenance of health.

Although we will only give you a calorie number to try and hit/ maintain each day we will also give you a protein number which you can aim to hit when hitting the calories. We will give some examples of proteins sources when clients sign up for the ‘68 Challenge’ or just in regular personal training sessions. The idea of aiming for proteins over carbs is to help with the increase of muscle growth.

Now whenever someone brand new to the ‘Gym Life’ starts they think you only use cardio machines to burn fat and use the weights to get big and muscly which is an absolute lie. Those outcomes all depend on the way in which an individual will train themselves.

Why do people think they need to stand on the scales every week? Why not just take a photo one day and maybe your weight. 6 weeks down the line, compare the photos do you look slimmer? Are you a few clothes sizes down? Then compare the weight on the scales they may not differ, but I bet you if you have gone from a T-Shirt size of Large and now a Medium your body fat percentage would have dropped and your muscle mass will have increased.

The final thing that I will say about calories is instead of thinking like each day you only have 1500 to eat why not think calories more like money? We like to spend big on the weekend but come Monday and Tuesday you have to cut back a little because you’ve gone out and splashed the cash, which is fine. So why don’t we do that with calories? On the weekend, go out with your friends, family and eat or drink what you like and just think on Monday you’ll get yourself back into the gym and cut your calories down a little since you went a little bit over board on the weekend.

The overall aim of this blog is to inform people that we shouldn’t listen to any organisatons, groups or individuals that tells you what is good to eat and what is bad to eat when trying to burn some fat. Our overall aim with just a simple calorie deficit is to make you hit your goals but not have to make your social life, family life or work life suffer because you can’t interact with them all because you can’t have a meal or a few drinks on the weekend with them as you’re scared about what you think someone is going to tell you when you stand on the scales.