Outdoor Bootcamps

Our Bootcamps offer a form of interval training usually involving a mix of high-intensity cardio exercises and strength training. It requires no special equipment as most strength elements are body weight.

Benefits include:

  • Improved speed, agility, strength and stamina
  • When restrictions allow, we use teams or paired exercises to help motivation
  • Variety – sessions can vary in content but achiueve the same goals
  • Inclusive – classes are available for participants of all levels of fitness and experience.

Inidvidual Bootcamps 45minute in duration and only cost £4.00! or a one-month package saves even more at £24.00 which can include up to 8 Bootcamps!

  • Tuesdays @ 6.15pm (Outdoors 4 & 11 May, then indoors from 18th)
  • Saturdays @ 8.00am (Jun-Aug outdoors)