Current position

All the Direct Debits for the QFit Gym are managed on our behalf by Ashbourne Services. We initially sent out an email to our DD customers on Wednesday 18 March with some options. Ashbourne agreed a more formal response on our behalf providing THREE options mentioned below. An email should be arriving in your inbox by close of play Monday 23 March, please check your spam folders just in case, the special URL link and your unique code will be provided in your email.

Some customers did not provide a valid email address, if you wish to contact Ashbourne Services direct to request information please visit their website here.

We have full records of every member who pays via cash or card. Our register details who had an active membership when we officially closed on Wednesday 18 March.

No customer with an active membership will lose out, every customer who was 'active' when we closed will be entitled to proceed with a FULL MONTH membership when we re-open.

Those customers who had expired / not renewed by close of business on 17 March will unfortunately be required to simply pay as usual when we return, however you can make a donation online of £10 or more and we will guarantee a FULL MONTH membership when we return.

Any member who is employed by the NHS simply needs to produce their staff ID when we re-open and you will be entitled to TWO MONTHS free GymPLUS membership.

As a small community gym we rely heavily on the support of our customers and community.

We would ask customers to continue with your Direct Debit payment as this will help support us as a business during this time by allowing us to continue supporting our staff and paying the bills when required.

This will also ensure we are better placed to re-open when we are allowed to do so.

If you agree, then thank you and there is simply no action to take!



Freeze your DD for an initial 1 month’s period.

If you choose this option, Ashbourne will respond with a separate email to confirm your next payment date.

If the QFit Gym continues to be closed after this 1 Month term, Ashbourne will contact you again before that payment is due to freeze the payment for a further period of time.

Continue to pay your DD on the due date but at a reduced rate of 50% of the usual monthly amount.

This will still make a huge difference to The QFit Gym and will go a very long way to help ensure was protect our staff and are best placed to re-open when we are allowed to do so.

QFit Gym Statement

We are not in a position to say how long we will have to remain closed.

We are a vital part of the local and surrounding community, we have over 1,200 customer interactions per month, we work with young people, adults, older adults, those with disbilities, people living with Parkinsons and more every week!

Myself, Ehrin, Samantha and our class instructors we are devasted we have been forced to close, we know customers were still attending and planning to continue, we are not just a gym, we are a community!

Whilst times are difficult, and expected to get harder, we understand difficult decisions must be made based on your own indvidual circumstances, we would absolutely love to see you all again as you re-engage with us to improve you health and fitness.

On behlaf of myself and my staff please stay safe and healthy

Dave Lattimer

Director / Owner