Current Offers

QFit Gym Offers

Our standard Gym only membership is £19.00pm, our GymPLUS allows access to gym, all classes and includes 3 PTs each month for £28.00.

The standard membership entitles you to discounted exercise classes, PTs and Massage therapies.

The current offers available are listed below, full T&Cs are available on request

Advance purchase by cash/card

  • Two month Standard Gym membership £32.00 (saving £6)
  • Three month Standard Gym membership £45.00 (saving £12)
  • Two month Gym+ membership £48.00 (saving £8)
  • Three months Gym+ membership £60.00 (saving £24)

Direct Debit renewals

Get £2.00 off each month when you set your membership renewals up through DD.

  • Standard Gym £17.00
  • Gym PLUS £26.00
  • Family PLUS £43.00

You must pay your first month fee in full by cash or card to set up a DD, we require 10 days notice to set up the DD, the discount offer does not apply to youth memberships.

Online discounts

Every month between January and April we shall be offering special discounts when paying online, offers may require a unique code which may only be used once.

  • 1-31 January: Direct Debit offer, get 50% off your first month fee with our code QFIT2020
  • 3-24 February: Purchase our GymPLUS membership online by card and save £5.00