covid safe notice

When we re-open our doors on Monday 12 April, we do so known that over the last 13 months we shall have been closed for business for just over 8 of those months!

Those of you who attended last summer / winter when opened under restrictions will know the hard work we have put in behind the scenes to ensure your safety and that of all staff.

What measures are in place?

  • Every person who enters the gym will only do so after booking in advance, this ensures we do not exceed our restricted capacity
  • We will have santise stations around the room with hand dispensers, santised wipes and dry rolls to ensure you can clean down after each activity.
  • All our equipment is spaced out according to approved guidelines to ensure distancing whilst exercising is maintained
  • We have removed two pieces of equipment to create more space
  • One way system – all morning sessions and the 3pm slot will continue to enter via the rear doors.
  • Those attending at 4.30 onwards will attend via main reception, a facecovering is required.
  • All customers will exit via the gym fire exit

What’s new?

  • The ‘referees room’ will now be ladies only toilet, the male toilet is changing room 1 (max 1 person at a time in each room)
  • We have created a extra core area to maximise distancing, this also includes some new equipment
  • 8 New ‘storage’ lockers are available inside the gym room for personal belongings
  • New mirror vinyls, interior signage, banners and some ContraVision to the windows to give privacy in the gym whilst still being able to see out.

How do I join?

Everyone who wishes to attend the gym facility must pre-book and to confirm a booking you must have an active membership in place.

Non-Contract options (cancel anytime) include our Standard gym only memberships at £19.00pm, our Gym+ for £28.00pm (with either exercise classes or Personal Training element included). Our new 7-Day pass is £8.50

Our Contract options include the standard gym membership, £19.00. Or we have the basic direct debit offer, £19.00 first month then automatic renewals at £17.00pm.

See our ‘Prices‘ page for full details

How do I book?

Just ‘Click here‘ to visit our booking and membership portal