Football Fitness

Cardio with EastendWith over 20 years in grassroots football we have seen huge improvements in the way coaches are now entering the game and evolving through education, qualfications and personal development. It’s fair to say the structure and content around our football licence is purely focused on technical improvement and development of players, and while the FUNdamentals of coaching do encourage us to look at the ‘Technical, Physical, Social and Mental’ aspects of our sessions a coaches licence (or qualification) is exactly that – coaching!

What we feel is missing is the way we look at the physical ‘Fitness’ of our young players, there is no reason why an Under 13/14 grassroots team should not encourage players to improve and develop their physical attributes around football. Don’t be fooled that players must be fit as they play football every week, that’s only half the story! How many players leave the game at 11/12 year old or even younger as they are percieved as being unfit / overweight etc or just not up to the rigours of giving maximum effort during pitch time?

Our ‘Football Fitness’ program aims to help clubs address the imbalance of losing players due to misconveived perceptions and also allowing every player to develop and enhance their own fitness levels at a pace that is appropriate to them and not have the fear or worry of matching others around them.

Club Fitness

The 'Club Fitness Package' on offer is based around club members and is delivered directly to either inidvidual players or to the team squad.

Fitness camps

The 'Fitness Camps' offer a variation on the standard soccer camps delivered during school holidays. All activities are football themed but with a huge emphasis on individual health and fitness.

Football Fitness with QFit
1:1 session
per hour
2-10 players
per person