How to book online

How to book online with the QFit Gym
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You must have a membership to book any service online

First of all when checking for a gym session or class you use the booking calender, this will show which sessions or classes are available to book and also how many slots remain.

Gym sessions for example have a capacity of 11, so the figure to the left is how many spaces remain. Once a session is at capacity it will no longer be available to book – we can not offer waiting lists.

You may book a session up to 2hrs prior to the start time and 2 weeks in advance.

Customers will only require a valid email address and contact number to set up a booking account.

To make a booking online

Visit our online booking platform

Step 1. Select the service you want, then the date and time. You will then be asked to either login in or create an account. After this the FIRST screen will simply ask you add more services or confirm your booking (date and time). This is not the payment screen!

Guide how to book
Screenshot 1

Step 2. After you ‘Confirm booking’ you will be directed to the next screen as shown below.

SECOND screen will look like the screenshot below. At this point you simply tick the box to apply your membership benefits. Alternatively if you have a ‘Promo code’ you must enter this in the box provided and apply it to your booking.

Guide to booking
Screenshot 2

Step 3. When you indicate a membership or promo code, check the fee due amount is correct and/or has been removed then ‘Confirm’ to complete your booking. If a payment is due you will need then be asked for payment details to complete the process.

Payment security

The QFit Gym do not hold any payment information, this is handled securely by either PayPal or Stripe. Once processed you will be sent an email confirming all your booking details.

Customers may only book sessions in advance within your membership duration, for example you can’t book anything past your expiry date.

Please make sure you are aware of our Terms and conditions when booking.