How to book online

How to book online with the QFit Gym

Customers will have one the following online accounts

  • Gym Package
  • Promotional code
  • Casual user PAYG

Step 1. Select the service you want from our home page including the date and time, you will then be given the option to confirm these details or add another service before proceeding.

Guide how to book
Screenshot 1

Step 2. After you ‘Confirm booking’ you will be directed to the next screen as shown below.

This will indicate if you have a membership package, if so simply tick the box to apply your package discounts. Alternatively if you have a ‘Promo code’ you must enter this in the box provided and apply it to your booking. Customers on PAYG simply select payment method.

Guide to booking
Screenshot 2

Step 3. When you indicate a package or promo code, check the fee due amount is correct and then click ‘Confirm’ to complete your booking. If a payment is due you will need to enter your card details to complete the process.

Where a fee is due, please rest assured we do not process your payment, this is handled securely by either PayPal or if you don’t have a PayPal account then select Stripe to pay via credit/debit card.

Once processed you will be sent an email confirming all your booking details.

To see a list of your bookings, click here, you can then change or cancel any confirmed booking.

Gym Members

We have added a ‘package’ to all active gym members booking profile to match their membership with us. This simply allows you to book and obtain any features for free or discounted when you make a booking. If you believe there is an error please contact us.

Standard package: Full gym access & 20% off PT sessions, Bootcamps and classes (when they return).

  • £19.00 per month
  • Buy online here to purchase 2-months £34.00 or Annual pass £150.00

GymPLUS package: Full gym access, 1 x PT session pwk, up to 6 Bootcamps per month & free classes

  • £28.00 per month
  • Buy online here to purchase 2-months £48.00


If you have any concerns or issues trying to book, please drop us an email to or ring us on 0191250166 between 3-8pm Mon-Fri

Please make sure you are aware of our Terms and conditions when booking.