Lifestyle Challenge

Lifestyle Challenge

It’s up to you to make the change – but we are here to help!

Our Lifestyle challenge is a 6-week tailored programme that will help you achieve your goal.

This is not a ‘weight loss’ body transformation programme where we ask for £££££’s up front – this is a very sustainable, affordable challenge that will help improve your lifestyle!

It is open to anyone aged 16+ who may wish to either;

  • Loose the belly fat / bingo wings
  • Simply become more active
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Improve mobility
  • Perform daily tasks without getting out of breath
  • Or even tie their own shoe laces without sitting down!

We will obvioulsy help those who wish to push that bit harder and maybe;

  • Improve muscle tone / bulk up
  • Increase cardio (VO2) fitness capacity
  • Training for 5, 10k for example

How it works

Use the form below to book your registration assessment, following this we will agree your lifestyle challenge goal and produce a tailored 6-week training plan. You will have full gym access during the six weeks and any class you attend will be FREE, alongside this you will get full on site support & nutritional advice.

  • Registrations available between: Mon 14 Jan – Sat 2 Feb
  • 6 Week challenge dates: Mon 4 Feb – Sat 16 Mar

During your six week challenge you will get 1 point for every class you attend. You also get 1 point for any gym session that includes the use of your tailored challenge programme.



Hit your agreed target = 30 MINUTES FREE MASSAGE

Complete 6 weeks = 50% NEXT CHALLENGE IN APRIL

So, book your assessment now below!

Highlight and click on your preferred ‘start time’ This will block out four consecutive timeslots as the session may take up one hour, you can not register a start time where four blocks are not available together.