Lockdown closure


Update 5 January 2021

Due to the latest national lockdown, it is anticipated that the QFit Gym will now be closed until the end of February.

We must also assume at that point we may even drop back down to Tier 4 which could still mean the gym closure.

We have provided as many FAQs below to assist you, more information shall be adeed as further information is available.



As previously actioned, those customers who pay via Direct Debit shall be emailed with the same three options;

  • Continue to pay your fees (this would be a HUGE help!)
  • Drop your fees to half price
  • Freeze your membership payments

Updated 6 Jan:

A large number of customers had either not renewed when we closed on 30 December or were due to expire between 30 Dec and 3 Jan. Those customers will unfortunately not receive any credit and will be required to purchase a new membership package before making any future bookings.

Customers who had a renewal date from 4 to 31 January 2021 are classed as 'Active' as we were due to reopen on 4 Jan. Those active customers will therefore be offered either ONE or TWO WEEKS credit upon return and this has been calculated based upon their actual renewal date in January.

Every customer who had a renewal date from February onwards will get a minimum 1 months credit.

The reason behind this change in policy is simple mathematics for us, this time round we can not just re-open and then wait yet another month or longer before we start to receive any income from renewals. Unfortunately this latest lockdown period of up to two months will yet again have a huge financial impact on us and we are facing a huge financial loss this year.

All monthly memberships (credits) shall be reactivated from the first day we reopen.

We shall not be able to offer any refunds and in line with our terms and conditions and we reserve the right to suspend memberships and offer credits due to the covid crisis.

All customers who have purchased an annual membership will simply get the relevant credit added to the expiry date.