The QFit Gym work with Samantha from ‘Healing Hands Sports Therapy’ to offer massage treatments at our facility.

A great way of improving your health is to have regular massages, that’s right, your path to a healthier lifestyle. When used correctly alongside an exercise programme massage can aid with weight loss.

Massage increases blood circulation, helping provide the oxygen and nutrients that the tissues need for recovery. Massage assists in breaking down the scar tissue and adhesions that cause stiffness and pain during recovery time.


Your first visit will consist of an initial assessment where we will get a better understanding of your lifestyle and brief medical history as this helps determine which muscles may need the most work.

We may perform a few functional movement tests to look at your flexibility, range of motion at joints and muscle tone. This will be explained fully before the massage commences and consent must be given before the massage can proceed.

Our treatment will last between up to 60 minutes. At the end of the session you may get some assisted stretching and homecare advice to take home and work on.

Its important to drink lots of water after your massage to stay hydrated.

We offer up to one hour massage treatments for £30.00.

Appointments are currently available on Wednesdays between 12-6pm, however we will be looking to expand slots should demand increase.

You must book treatment in advance either online below or calling us on 0191 2500 166. There is no payment required when booking, however you must pay in cash upon arrival.

We require at least 6hours notice for bookings.

Our treatment room is secure and private, we provide towels and always cover you up even when on the table.

Please wear loose fitting clothing for arrival, depending on the treatment you may be asked to remove the top layers as masasage is perfomred directly to the skin.

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