Membership update

The QFit Gym

All new membership purchases (including future renewals) are now restricted to a maximum period of one month.

Customers may now only book up to 2 weeks in advance

When making a booking you must do so providing at least 2 hours notice prior to attending.

Unfortunately we have taken these decisions to safeguard the business due to the current uncertainty around the potential impact of any tighter controls or any potential shut down period.

Please ensure you are also aware of our Terms and Conditions alongside the Covid appendix


Where we are forced to close for a period of 14 days or more, all current memberships will be frozen where they have seven (7) days or more remaining on their balance at the date of closure.

Those who purchased a class or single gym session will receive a credit note or can request a refund. Those who have any credits left on the FlexiPass will only be honoured up to 31 December 2020, after which point these will no longer be for use within the gym and shall be for classes only.

Those on DD will be informed by Ashbourne via email of your options.