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Metafit with QFit

The BEST workout to burn fat AND build strength!

What is Metafit?

Metafit is a type of HIIT which aims to increase the efficiency of the workout style and its key characteristic is it focuses on only using core and bodyweight exercises, with no complex moves involved. HIIT classes on the other hand, can include any type of exercise with additional resistance.

Metafit includes a 5-minute warmup, 30 minutes of intense exercise and a 5-10min cool down.


Mondays 6.15pm, classes are £4.00each of five for £16.00.

How does Metafit help to burn fat?

Metafit has a whole range of benefits but it will help you burn fat because it requires you to move between high and low-intensity activities which improve your anaerobic and aerobic fitness, this means you burn more fat in less time. When your body uses more oxygen, your metabolism starts working at a higher level, which in turn helps you burn more calories during and after you exercise.

Additional benefits of Metafit

1. Metafit is efficient

Metafit is a super time-efficient workout and overall means you spend less time training each week while still prompting fat burning, and metabolism-boosting as well as increased cardiovascular endurance, it’s great for getting a good workout in a busy schedule.

2. Increases Cardiovascular endurance 

Metafit makes the whole cardiovascular system work harder, and since your heart is a muscle it becomes stronger as it goes through tough training, so this form of training is very beneficial for your heart health.

3. Build strength and fat burn

Many people don’t think you can get both strength training and fat burning from one workout but you can. Metafit pushes you to go as hard as you can go to hit as many reps as possible, this form of training improves your cardiovascular system and metabolic rate. The strength training comes from the exercises within the intervals so you also reap muscle strengthening benefits from these movements too.

4. It’s for everyone

No matter your fitness level, location or age you can amend the training whilst still maintaining the intensity for an effective workout.