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The QFit Gym

August bookings now online

We were asked by the council to close our doors at 9pm on Tuesday 17 March. Four months later we opened our doors again to customers at 9am on Saturday 25 July. We have some new measures in place and as all customers must now book online to attend a gym session or activity, it has meant new booking procedures were required. Read our guide on how to book online here.

Please be patient and stick with us as we go through our first few weeks, we are constantly reviewing procedures to ensure ease of use and maximum benefit for all involved.

We hope to have most of the answers you may have in our Q&As.

From Monday 3 August:

  • Mon-Thu: 9.00am-1.15pm / 3.00-8.45pm
  • Fri: 9.00am-1.15pm / 3-7.15pm
  • Sat: 9am-1.15pm


Gym sessions are 1hour 15minutes and are only available at the following times;

  • 09.00am
  • 10.30am
  • 12noon (last session Saturdays)
  • 3.00pm
  • 4.30pm
  • 6.00pm (last session Fridays)
  • 7.30pm

We operate a one-way in and one-way out system, please wait for a member of our team to open the glass doors at the rear of the building for the start of your booked session. Please be aware we can not admit any person without prior booking.

Yes. During July we shall speak to all members who attend our first week and ensure we guarantee your slots for August.

If you are not returning during July and have an active membership, you can send us the details via email to

August bookings will be available online to book from Friday 31 July.

  • You must have a confirmed booking to attend
  • You may book up to 2hrs prior to session time
  • You may only book up to 1 month in advance
  • Customer numbers are restricted during each session
  • You may only book 1 session per day
  • You enter via the glass doors at the rear of the gym
  • You will exit via the fire door inside the gym
  • Please bring your own drink and towel
  • There will be no changing rooms available
  • There will be no lockers available
  • If a fee is required you must pay online
  • Only one person in each 'marked zone' at a time
  • Maximum 20 minutes per zone during session
  • Please make full use of the additional santiser stations
  • You are advised to not wear a mask or gloves whilst exercising

All customers with an active membership will have a new online package added to their booking account. Those who paid by cash/card have been allocated the following extension to account for the remaining credits they had when we were forced to close on 18 March.

  • 24 March will now be 10 August
  • 10 April will now be 24 August
  • 24 April will now be 10 September
  • 10 May will now be 24 September
  • 24 May will now be 10 October

If you had any Flexipass credits remaining on your card, you must still pay the £4.00 standard fee for your first gym session. Please bring the card in and we will give you a booking promo code for any remaining boxes. Flexipass cards will not be available for purchase again until further notice.

  • A standard gym session remains at £4.00
  • One month gym £19.00, Two months £34.00, Annual £150.00
  • One month GymPlus £28.00, Two months £48.00
  • You can pay monthly via Direct Debit, Standard gym £17.00pm or GymPLUS is £25.00pm

BUY A MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE ONLINE HERE, or if you wish to set up a DD click HERE.

No - is the simple answer.

A facemask will restrict your breathing during exercise and does in fact only reduce the risk of you spreading any infection.

Gloves must not be worn as these will simply transfer any contamination across equipment. We have a comprehensive cleaning schedule in place to ensure contact areas are santised and clean for every visit.

On Friday 24 July and then for the following two months we will be having our gym facility and office fogged with Zoono.

Zoono is less toxic than vitamin C and coffee and when applied to all touch point surfaces it leaves a mono-molecular layer that permanently bonds to the surface protecting for up to 30 days.

Our supplier, Edwards Commercial Cleaning Ltd have used this feature at Greggs stores for example and it also used on the London Underground.

Watch YouTube video from London Underground.

Important: If you, or anyone in your household feels unwell - do not attend the gym, stay home, stay safe and follow the appropriate guidelines.

  • Public Health England advice can be found HERE
  • The latest government advice can be found HERE

If you feel you are unable to return to the gym within the next few weeks please get in touch, we will have a new 'Virtual Community' project starting soon for those unable to attend a gym for health reasons!

If you have any other questions please feel free to drop us an email to

You may also send us an SMS (include your full name) or WhatsApp message ONLY to 07948 759 021. We are currently unable to take calls on this number at present.