Older adults

A well-rounded exercise program consists of aerobic, strength, flexibility, and balance training.

All four components are important in maintaining and promoting healthy aging in addition to helping those who are physically weak and frail to improve their functional ability. Don't be fooled in to believing strength training is not for you - everyone benefits from maintaining healthy bones!

Aerobic (or cardiovascular training) consists of exercises that will increase heart rate. Strength training is an important component and is vital in restoring independence and functionality. Flexibility training can maintain or improve joint range of motion. Finally, Balance training is important to help decrease the risk of falls.

Activities and costs


The QFit Gym is a warm friendly environment that has a very distinct community feel about it, customers and staff are all very welcoming, non-judmental and use our gym because we are relaxed and supportive. Take a look at our video below from the strength and balance class, smiling faces show that we make sure sessions are informative, relevant and fun!

  • Gym sessions – supported by qualified staff
  • Massage therapies – 30/60minute treatments
  • Pilates – Low impact
  • Strength & Balance – Low impact
  • BoxActive – Medium impact
  • Zumba – Medium/High impact

To use our gym, prices start from £4.00per session up to a month membership for £19.00. We also offer a 10 visit FlexiPass £30.00.

What's involved


The goals of our programs are to improve mobility, increase range of motion. strength and assist your ability to perform and enjoy regular daily activities.

We provide low-impact activities and classes as well as providing supported gym sessions which may involve walking, cycling, rowing or the use of our rehabilitation handbike. We support you to build up visits gradually to around two/three times per week.

You will receive guidance on low-resistance training and range-of-motion stretching. Simply get in touch and arrange your Induction visit and we can have a chat about how we can help.

Laughter is also a form of medicine