Open date


The QFit Gym will re-open from 9am on Monday 12 April!

Customers are still required to have a valid membership and book all gym visits online in advance. Indoors classes will not return until Phase 3 (17 May) at the very earliest.

All customers must have a valid membership and continue to book gym sessions online in advance. The gym capacity will continue to be restricted and every customer must wipe down equipment after use before moving on to the next activity.

Access continues to be via the glass doors at the rear of the building for 9.00am, 10.30am, 12.00pm & 3.00pm gym sessions.

The council have agreed for the early evening sessions at 4.30pm, 6.00pm & 7.30pm, you shall enter via the main entrance. You must wear a facecovering and santise your hands before entering. You will also be required to wait in our corridor for a member of staff to confirm entry.

  • The refrees room will be used as a ladies toilet
  • The Gents will use Room 1 in our corridor area

YES - We can not allow walk-in customers whilst distancing measures are still required.

Each gym session timeslot is for up to a maximum of 75minutes.

Online bookings will re-open from 01 April 2021.

Customer who have continued to pay full fees, reduced payments or even agreed to pause their payments are 'Active'

This means you will have priority on booking slots and may contact us from 01 March via email (bookings @ to request a booking slot in advance, and subject to availability, we will reserve the time slots for you. If you reduced your payment amount or froze payments you will need to monitor your emails as Ashbourne will reconect with you to reinstate your regular mandate.

Any DD customer who 'Cancelled' their payment mandate will be required to either sign up for a new direct debit or simply purchase a casual membership package online.

All Direct Debits will recommence from 01 April 2020

Casual memberships are classified as those which are not paid for by direct debit.

We closed on 30 December 2020 and if your membership had expired on or before Sunday 3 January, you will need to purchase a new package before you can book.

  • Customers whose renewal date was between 4-13 January will get 1 WEEKS credit
  • Customers whose renewal date was between 14-31 January will get 2 WEEKS credit

Customers whose membership renewal dates were Februray onwards will get a monthly pro-rata credit

If you are unsure of your your renewal date, you can em,ail us direct and we will advise accordingly (bookings @

All FlexiPass card expired on 31 December 2020 and are no longer valid. From 2021 new cards will only be valid in classes.