The QFit Gym have worked alongside Parkinson’s UK since 2018.

We have experience in helping to improve physical and mental wellbeing for adults living with PD.

We have various options available for all abilities. The activities are designed to suit your needs and will help improve motor and cognitive functions, which will allow you to manage daily tasks more confidently.

BoxActive: Mon 1.00-1.45pm.
A low impact class using boxing techniques and footwork, this session will challenge you physically and cognitively and all activities can be tailored your own ability.

Active50s: Tue 11.30am-12.15pm.
A low impact group circuit style class enabling a full range of movement, light cardio and strength work in a fun, safe environment.

Strength&Balance: Fri 11.00-11.45am.
Chair based group strength and balance class.


All class from January 2022 shall be £3.00each, we also offer a class discount card.

Supervised gym sessions are available. This involves qualified staff offering support and advice.

Eight sessions for £20.00

Contact us for further details via email

We offer 1:1 Personal Training with fully qualified coaches.

This would include a personalised training program to suit your own ability and needs. This would take place inside the gym, however we can also offer a closed session early afternoon where the gym is closed to the public.

Contact us for further details and prices via email