QFit Gym Testimonials

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This is a fab gym, the staff are really friendly and helpful.

Organisation since reopening after lockdown has been brilliant. The new booking system is up and running easy to use.

Im proud to be a member here.

Big thanks to David, Ehrin and Sam for making the transition to the new way so seamless.

Dan Gym Member 10th August 2020

QFit Gym Testimonials

Absolutely brilliant gym

I’ve tried many gyms in the past and always felt intimidated, but I was desperate to get back to working out and Qfit gym is on the doorstep and I’m so pleased I gave it a go, after two sessions I signed up.

As a new member the staff and members made me feel welcome, the staff are always on hand for support and advice.

It’s a lovely atmosphere to work out in and I’m back to enjoying working out again.

Sam Gym Member 8th August 2020

QFit Gym Testimonials

Great to be back. Well organised with social distancing rules applied. Sanitiser aplenty. Well done Dave and the team x

SW Gym Member 1st August 2020

QFit Gym Testimonials

Brilliant gym, fantastic staff. Its been great to get back, the booking app system is easy to use and there is hand sanitisers all over and in between sessions the gym is getting a thorough clean, well done

AM Gym Member 1st August 2020

QFit Gym Testimonials

This gym has always been worth every penny and more. The equipment is clean and provides a fully rounded workout. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Couldnt ask more from a gym.

Sarahlouise Gym Member 30th July 2020

QFit Gym Testimonials

I’ve been with the gym a while now and can’t find fault. I’ve never been to a gym where I felt comfortable and confident until I came here. I love the fact it’s a small and intimate setting and yet has everything you need to keep fit. The staff are so welcoming and supportive and nothing is to much trouble.

Heather Gym Member Member 30th July 2020

QFit Gym Testimonials

After a few health scares with COPD and a doctor telling me i might be prediabetic i was motivated to start some exercise but with no previous gym experience i didnt feel brave enough to take the leap.

I love that as you walk in the door the atmosphere is very warm and friendly. There is no pressure to do anything i did not understand and the gym staff were brilliant at explaining in detail and took the time to guide me in the right direction. The QFit gym staff have been amazing. I walked into the gym very unfit with no confidence or experience and after just three short sessions i found i could do the exercises better. The gym staff are great at adapting exercises to your situation. I suffer with a bad back and knees but feel i have been able to strengthen my knee up slowly and hope to start doing classes over the next few weeks.

The Qfit gym has really boosted my confidence. I feel i can go to the gym on my own now and do a work out effectively. I have made several new friends. If i get stuck i know Dave, Ehrin and Sam are just in the office and ready to help.

Joyce Gym Member 6th November 2019

QFit Gym Testimonials
Mick Conway

I am in my 60's and joined the QFit gym to lose weight and get fitter.

The gym has a nice friendly atmosphere and knowledgeable instructors. Since coming I have lost over 4 stone, i have learnt so much thanks to the instructors.

I feel so much better physically and mentally and made some good friends.

Mick Gym member 28th August 2019

QFit Gym Testimonials

I joined the gym to lose weight and reduce my BP following a pre-diabetes diagnosis

I have lost 6 stone and no longer pre-diabetic. I feel better physically and mentally after joining and especially working with Ehrin. I have done things I never thought possible, from Burpees, weight lifting and even running.

I have made great friends along the way.

Nicola Gym member 24th August 2019

QFit Gym Testimonials

I attend classes with the QFit Gym and i come because it is close to home, has good pricing and is welcoming.

I like the fact the gym is very relaxed, not pretentious at all, the staff are very approachable and can have a good laugh too!

I hate exercise, hate it....it's such a chore! However I actually enjoy the classes, who would have thought it! I feel great after and iI look foreward to going.

Charlotte Gym member 20th August 2019

QFit Gym Testimonials
Sandra Slater

I am 62, was a diabetic and wanted to lose weight.

I joined the QFit Gym in January 2019 and by August I had lost 9 stone! I am no longer diabetic, my ankles do not swell up anymore and I have learned to believe in myself. (Sandra has in fact now lost over 11.5 stone in 12months)

All the staff are very pleasant & polite, they are very supportive and give good advice. The other gym members are pleasant and are willing to chat. Case-Study-Sandra-Slater

Sandra Gym member 20th August 2019

QFit Gym Testimonials