Team Fit Club

QFit training with EastendWith over 20 years in grassroots football we aim to use our personal training, group exercise and Strength & Conditioning experience to maximise your teams fitness.

Aimed at junior teams from Under 11s up to Under 16s, this could be for pre-season conditioning, building up players cardio endurance and physical strength.

Our philosophy ensures functional movement with plyometric training will all relate to actual game play. We help educate participants so they can understand why they are doing each activity and how this relates to competitive situations on the pitch.

We shall do our very best to fit in with your availability. We appreciate teams operate with volunteers and usually only train once per week so ideally we try to avoid that evening.

We will aim to offer group sessions with a start time between of 6.30-7.30pm Monday to Friday depending upon availability. Each session will last up to 75 minutes.