Our Virtual Community project is funded through the Government emergency covid scheme in partnership with the National Lottery Community Fund and we have also received funding through the Power To Change project.

Our project is aimed at adults aged over 30 with a FREE virtual support network, we focus on enabling adults who are clinically vulnerable and mostly housebound to retain a healthy active home life and enhance both mental and physical wellbeing. In these uncertain times with an increasing number vulnerable people staying home it is more important than ever that we support you. Our aim is to help maintain and improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

The benefits of being active will increase the possibility of maintaining a positive outlook as well as making sure you are in the best position possible to return to some sort of normality outside of your home whenever that may be.

Update 01 November 2020

Due to the new national lockdown for November, we are unable to accept any new registrations for our Virtual program at this stage. All those who have registered will receive tailored support until early December.

The program will re-open in January 2021.


Program dates

After the point of registration, we will gather all our data and make personal contact with everyone to arrange a home visit (adhering to guidelines) to drop of any equipment.Once your program has ended we will then contact you again within 2-3 weeks to obtain some feedback and review your program.

Each group has very limited capacity for each group and will contact you accordingly should a group become full.


  • Completion date: Extended to 13 Dec


  • Registrations Open: 21 Dec (end 3 Dec)
  • Personal contacts: w/c 4 Jan
  • Start date: 11 Jan
  • Completion date: 14 Feb


  • Registrations Open: 1 Feb (end 14 Feb)
  • Personal contacts: w/c 15 Feb
  • Start date: 22 Feb
  • Completion date: 28 Mar


Each programme will last 4 weeks. Places are limited and we can not guarantee everyone a place.

The first week will be with a wide range of generic activities where we will be able to asses through feedback and reviews how to then tailor your workoput for the remaining 3 weeks.

At the end of the 4 weeks you can either sign up to an additional 4 weeks or simply return the equipment. You can only access a maximum of 8 consecutive weeks, and you must wait a minimum of 6 weeks before rejoining for a maxmim of 4 more weeks. No person shall be allowed more than 12 weeks access to the program. 

We aim to use the program as a way to get people who are mostly housebound active and moving again through very basic, but tailored activities, these will be identified during our initial screening call. These activities will all be suitable to perform at home with little or no equipment required.

Participants must be able to use our Android tablet which will have yourt own workout program with short video demonstrations of each activity. We will supply any equipment required in the form of a resistance band and one or two Dumbbells.

Your initial point of contact when registering is our project administrator, Dave Lattimer. He will make the initial calls and drop of your pack at the start of your program.

The lead instructor is Ehrin Walsh, both Ehrin and Dave will provide the virtual support which will be offered by phone, email or the chat feature inside our App. Ehrin will also be your main contact when you receive your tailored workout.

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