Community Garden

Space to Grow Community Graden ProjectOUR VISION

“Create a vibrant community garden accessible to all”


“To improve physical, mental wellbeing and social cohesion through a garden scheme run by, and for, the local community”.



The idea behind the project is to help improve physical, social and mental wellbeing through outdoor activities in a safe community environment.

The raised beds for example will be built to ensure easy access for older adults, people with mobility concerns and those in wheelchairs. We will also aim to create a calming supportive environment so people with additional needs and disabilities can participate safely. We will also be providing a new raised bed for the Dudley Pre School nearer to ther entrance for the young children to continue to 'Learn as they grow' with the support and advice from our project volunteers.

The long term plan will be to offer a 'Community Day' every two months or so for example where we open the garden to all, put activities on and invite the whole community to pop down, see what we are doing, try some of our produce and simply socialise with a natter, coffee and cake.

We are all aware of the physical and mental benefits of exercise and physical activity however this will only work for those who participate and attend our gym.

The benefits of being outside in nature are well proven and the gentle exercise will help physically and mentally. Community gardens can be a powerful added ingredient of social cohesion. Shared experiences and goals work wonders to promote understanding between the volunteers taking part.

With plenty of jobs on hand there will something to suit every ability or skill, so it’s an exceptionally inclusive way of bringing people together. Where else but a community garden can you come for an hour or two, enjoy a lively natter and see your work come to fruition.

We aim to ensure we have raised beds as we are aware this will also encourage accessibility for those with mobility issues and wheelchair access.

All the dates below are provisional from the launch onwards and are fully dependent on covid restrictions allowing the project to commence.

  • Invitation for lead volunteers: March 2021
  • Project team meeting: April 2021
  • Launch: May 2021
  • Community open invitation day: August 2021
  • Project review & planning: September 2021
  • Winter community festival: December 2021
  • Project review & planning: February 2022

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