QFit 4 Golf

QFit4GolfQfit-4-Golf is our new 6-week program aimed at golfers of all abilities.

Course Objective


We will do this by implementing a system that targets the core ‘Blocks for Golf Fitness’. On completion of the program you will:

  • Increase club head speed, which can improve distance
  • Improve golf swing efficiency, which can improve ball direction and control
  • Reduce the potential for injury, which can improve recovery time

What are the ‘Blocks for Golf Fitness’?

  1. Core control: Retain posture and strength through the swing
  2. Mobility: Control your range of motion through the swing
  3. Stability: Maintain a body balance and weight distribution through the swing
  4. Strength: Force and speed applied through the swing
  5. Composition: Improve the balance between your muscle and fat

Brief outline

We create three ‘phases’ each over two weeks with a distinct emphasis;

  • Phase 1 – Eccentric
  • Phase 2 – Isometric
  • Phase 3 – Concentric

The sequence of these three phases will help increased club head speed, mobility, strength, power, and just as importantly a reduction in nagging aches and pains.

To find out more, please drop us an email to info @ qfitgym.uk